A long-term analysis of publishing by Shatzkin

How big will self-publishing get? Mike has written another excellent article you should read: Over the long run, things will almost certainly change in very big ways because of the inexorable forces eroding publisher margins described above. I wouldn’t be … Continue reading →

InDesign CC 2015 offers paragraph shading in ePUBs

Another incremental release? Of course… But that’s to be expected. The whole paradigm of the subscription model is that the applications keep getting better and you get an automatic update as soon as it is released. There’s been a huge … Continue reading →

The Kindle fixed layout software moves books

As I mentioned a while ago, I made textbook versions of my two best sellers: Practical Font Design and Writing in InDesign. The process was very simple and easy. I just uploaded the PDF I had developed for download. It had a bit of … Continue reading →

Marketing tips for fiction and non-fiction: it takes time

Joel rarely writes for his blog any more, but it is a treat when he does. Today’s article is an excellent example of why his blog is so good: clean, concise, and useful. We can boil down the advice to the … Continue reading →

Make more with five book sets than 5 single books

I was talking to my author friend, Guy Stanton III, today and he shared this with me. Many of you already know this, but it’s worth a mention anyway. You know what’s really ironic, David, about combining all the books … Continue reading →

Ebooks have made a major leap in quality

For example, I got this official word today: “Yes, Kobo now accepts FXL EPUBs exported from InDesign and they can be put on sale, they have confirmed the same. The FXL EPUB output from ID also renders correctly on a … Continue reading →

The state of publishing is becoming a bit more predictable

        Shatzin has an excellent post today. He still sees the development of larger and larger publishers resulting in a global dominance of someone. Online book sales are inevitably going to increase their percentage. There will be a … Continue reading →

Book Production speed becomes more important…

Mark Coker makes the following prediction for 2014: Production takes on increased importance in 2014 – One of the most important secrets to ebook publishing success is to write more books. As a writer, your writing is your unique creation. … Continue reading →

One main benefit to self-publishing and ebooks: unlimited shelf life

Here’s a quote from my new book, Writing In InDesign CC, due out soon. I don’t know about you, but I tend forget this in the heat of the moment as I am launching a new book. “Sales continue to grow: … Continue reading →

Book Production Services

I regularly provide production help to Christian authors, as led by the Spirit. Feel free to contact me. What I want to do below is give you some idea of the options I offer. We can also negotiate custom relationships. … Continue reading →