Witnessing enables the Holy Spirit to add the powerWitnessing enables the Holy Spirit to add the power. Of course, the enemy has twisted that. Witnessing has nothing to do with bashing an acquaintance over the head with your Bible, it has nothing to do with apologetics. You do not witness by quoting the Bible at people.

A witness is only allowed to share what he or she has directly seen, heard, experienced. Second hand info is not allowed. Teaching and preaching is not part of it. A witness can only say I saw this, I heard that, I experienced this.

Witnessing enables the Holy Spirit to add reality to your fiction

Let your characters share your experiences. That’s what we’re called to do—witness, not preach. Every day you live should give you more to share. The miraculous is an integral part of the believer’s daily walk. You should have enough experiences to let two or three of your characters share your witness for you.

It’s even better when, like me, you come from an evil occultic background. I can have my bad guys share some of the things the Lord did to me to slowly draw me toward the truth. He let me see how what I was following was constantly feeding me lies. I’ll never forget the time I was doing my I Ching reading and suddenly I just knew that yin-yang, active-passive, was used that way because they refused to admit active was really God. It was no glorious dragon, but the actual Creator of the Universe.

I was going beyond agnostic toward atheism at the time. It was just the Holy Spirit responding because I was consciously looking for truth. I had promised my Dad I wouldn’t give up until I was sure I’d found the Truth. Pretty risky for Him, right? No, because Truth has a name—Jesus, our Messiah who came in the flesh.

It sounds like a bad guy whose life is turning around to me.

Make your fiction real. The Lord will bless it.