The Wife of Jesus preparing for marriage, learning how to behave as the betrothed of JesusThe Wife of Jesus preparing for marriage is one of the richest ways to describe our relationship with Jesus, as His betrothed. We are engaged to be married to the perfect husband.

Just as Jesus is the second Adam, restoring mankind’s relationship with the Father, we are the second Eve, the divinely given helpmate for our husband.

The day is coming soon when we who know Him will be married to our husband. What a wonderful day that will be! It’s almost beyond comprehension to contemplate what our relationship with Him will be in the new Jerusalem.

However, we are still here, on a sin-damaged planet, living in a world system controlled by our enemy.

How do we get past that?
What can we do in a practical way to realize the joy and wonder of living in the Kingdom of the Messiah here and now?
How can we come to know our Betrothed intimately?

The Wife of Jesus preparing for marriage

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That’s what we discuss, Biblically, in this short book. You’ll learn how to make the Lord Jesus a constant presence in your life, day and day out. You can experience the joys of intimacy with the King of kings and Lord of Lords.

It’s what He desires, and the reason you were created. Enter into the wonder of His presence!

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Christian non-fiction: How to Teach the Bible — my best selling spiritual book  The Training Place of Mankind Second Edition This is a discussion of how narrow the gate really is to enter into the Kingdom of God learning how to behave as the betrothed of Jesus 2nd Edition: Daily Christian Life & Practical Spiritual Warfare The Lord's call to Christian authors