Welcome to the Skilled WorkmanWelcome to the Skilled Workman! David Bergsland Design is over 50 years old now. There have been many dbas along the way: Radiqx Press, Creative Spirit, Bergsland Design, Hackberry Font Foundry, NuevoDeco fonts, and more I’m sure. I’m an illustrator, graphic designer, font designer, typographer, book designer, marketer, teacher, speaker—always looking for something new to do.

In addition, the Lord Jesus called me in January of 1974. I can’t begin to share how much He changed me in my rebirth. I had been deep in the occult, a heavy drug user,  going after a change in consciousness ala Timothy Leary and Babba Ram Dass [who Richard Alpert changed into]. In my career, I kept the believer part hidden to some degree—especially after I began teaching desktop publishing and digital publishing in 1991. In that state school professing Christianity was supposedly illegal—though that is merely really bad constitutional manipulation.

Welcome to the Skilled Workman

The most fun recently is being able to integrate the faith central to my life into my career. In a time where the Lord’s return for the believing church could happen any day, reality has to creep into our lives. It’s time to take that seriously.

Book Shepherd, Production Specialist, & Mentor

Yes, I still do all of this. But, it’s no longer the focus of my life. Time is getting too short, and I’m concerned that many of the people I know may be headed for a place they really don’t want to go. I’ll still be happy to answer questions, and even design and upload your books for you. But it’s not where my heart is anymore.

My new focus is on practical living in the Spirit.

As mentioned, my all-time favorite post for this blog by a long ways has been Spiritually cleaning up your workplace. How ugly was Jesus? has always been second. Bible study order & practice has always been way up the list also. Can I tell you the plan? Nope. As always, it will be as the Spirit leads. But now that my wife has gone home, I’ve got work to do before I go to be with her.

My focus has become my power-filled believer fiction —supernatural low fantasy

This site will offer the non-fiction teachings plus links to my power-filled fiction. The pages for my fiction will remain on Reality Calling


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  1. I just wanted you to know that I’ve put something in your mailbox.

    However, the real reason is to have an excuse to get another glimpse of the wonderful font you use to re-display this message which is being displayed as Courier as I type. I am curious and wonder what the name is and whether or not it is one of your creations.
    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
    Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.

  2. Nope, that was not the one I remembered. Oh well!
    The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
    Jackdaws love my big sphinx of quartz.

  3. I wish I could help. I really have no idea what is used for the comments. I just looked through the CSS, but I cannot see which font is used for comments. Sorry.

  4. Hi, Bought your book ‘Writing in Indesign 2.5’.
    Read it once, went over it many times … I’ll get it
    sooner or later. But couldn’t figure this one out.

    Do you write your books in ONE BIG DOCUMENT?
    I couldn’t find where you assemble chapters together.

    BTW: I’m using Indesign 6 … is it worth going to indesign cc?
    I hate having to pay for the same software over and over again.
    I should OWN Microsoft Word by this point with all the updated

    Oh yea, Tried to sign onto your list … there’s a problem
    When I try to confirm, I get a white page with a reason I can’t

  5. Hi John,

    Yes, I write my books in one big document. Ten years ago or so, I was forced to break them up because InDesign simply couldn’t handle the file sizes I was using. it was a real pain, as I was always wanting to move a page from one chapter to another. On top of that, dealing with 15-20 chapters felt like herding cats. I had no trouble getting things to work. It just was not pleasant and straight forward for me. Many like it—especially if they have different people dealing with different portions of a book.

    However, starting with InDesign 5.5 (as I remember, I think), It was possible to go back and do everything in one document. However, WiInD 2.5 was done with CS6. I looked at the files, and this is where it started with larger pieces (A-F, plus an index), and I finally put it all together into one file with no problems.

    The primary reason was to facilitate the production of ebooks. Kindle’s plug-in for InDesign didn’t work well with the Book Panel.

    Cs6 was really the first version which made a halfway decent ebook. The ePUBs were OK, and Kindle’s plug-in made good Kindle books. However, CC has really added a lot more power into the ebook production workflow. Now the ePUBs produced are better than the hand-coded variety, in most cases. And the fixed layout ePUB FXL can be really handy, plus the now built-in Publish Online capability.

    So, yes, I think CC is necessary. I realize the $20 a month is a pain, but there’s no way round it. For Photoshop, Illustrator and the rest, CS6 seems to work fine. However, I do find I am gradually downloading the most recent versions of PS, AI, Acrobat, and InD. I no longer have to use Dreamweaver, Flash and the rest—for which I am grateful.

    I’m not sure what the sign-up problem is. No one else has reported any problems, and there are now over 700 people who get the posts via email.

  6. David, I was impressed with your article about InDesign. Question: Since I have a time-sensitive book to get out, do you assist anyone in the labor of using InDesign for another author? I’m not being lazy as I Will purchase the program and study it, but I tried to learn it in Junior college and it was hard. I kept going back to Quark Express, which I already knew. Just wanted to know your opinion or gut feelings about me hiring someone to do this for me this time. I have several other books to publish. Thus once I study InDesign more appropriately, I can use it next time. I guess my question is–are you ever for hire?

  7. I just read your article about using InDesign. It appears that this software may be the way for me to do my hardcopies with Ingram Spark, because CreateSpace, as you well know, I’m sure, only does soft copy and though my first two books were easily done there, I want hard copy and good international distribution.

    Before I buy (or subscribe now, I guess) to InDesign and buy your own book, will I be able to just import and tweak the Word 2016 docs that were the basis for the CreateSpace pdf’s, or am I going to have to copy and paste a chunk of text at a time into each “section” or “chapter’ of InDesign’s big file? I trust I won’t have to retype 200 pages of text into InDesign. Please tell me I won’t have to.

  8. I am in a management role here in my office. Though I don’t run the office the department I do run is the heart beat of the office. with out my dept there would be no office. SO, Can I cleanse my office of demonic office and/or demon activity versus just my area and/or Pray for the Office leader/manager? I have a lot of people in my office that uses tarot cards, Ouija boards, crystals, and insents opening. I just KNOW that my manager knows this. I have walked in co workers cubicles with tarot cards out etc.. So that being said I know there are demonic forces in the office. Me being a believe I knew I had authority and I prayed but not like how I would pray and protect my home because I know I have authority there. PLEASE ADVISE

  9. We have so far as I know 3 believers in the office @ that I know for sure are authentic believers one being me. We can both pray over our office even though we are not the Office managers correct? I am in a management position but NOT the one who runs the office.

  10. Experiment, ask the Lord what authority He is giving you. Try prayers and see if they work. Pray for protection. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom. All the “normal” stuff.

  11. Hi David,

    Though of you today and wanted to see what you we’re up to. I like your website, we are in the middle of redesigning ours-I still love print more that web though. (0; I myself have been at my current job for 11 years now doing in-house publishing. I have established myself with all aspects of printing from doing my own photography to printing the companies technical manuals, brochures, booklets, newsletters, business cards etc.! All the while designing, printing and cutting it all myself using a (you know it) Xerox laser printer. And, all of this I learned from you, my mentor. I just wanted to thank you for all of the REAL LIFE lessons you gave me of which I still apply today and every day in my career. I would have never gotten as far as I did if God had not put you in my path. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart now and forever.
    Your Pupil and friend

  12. Hi David,

    I’ve been reading your book “Writing In InDesign” and you stated in this book that you were offering Contenu Book (4), Contenu (4), and Buddy (4) for $32. I’m not sure this pricing is still good or would you recommend something different at this time. Thanks for your help and suggestions.

  13. I ambeing victomised bullied byawoma at work for 4and half years. Ouwner was atheiist but he respected me and protectex me. Now he shot himself amonth ago now tis woman has gained the help of his son running the place up against me calling ne in for written warnings that i could not bekievemy eyes but i promised fullsupporr on howhe wants all… Stillas i greet him hewalked away andhe mocked me at nyback witb a cat cry. Iprayedi anointed the plase i turn the other cbeek i am stikl available for Gods work there ..but its touching my sanaty i feel like kilking mysef but are 61havea car and loan to pay … How can i hold ON????

  14. First of all, the Lord will show you a way out, if you hold on to him. A different job would seem like a good idea. From what I can read, you are doing what you should, so you need to seek the Lord and ask Him what He wants you to do. Lord, give her wisdom and help. Reveal yourself to her, Jesus.

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