My Christian non-fiction books vary widely. The one that sells the best is How to Teach the Bible. They are all a direct result of my forty five years of experience in teaching weekly Bible studies. I have been teaching scripture since shortly after I met the Lord in 1974. Since that time I have taught a weekly Bible study or two almost every week. Teaching scripture is one of the loves of my life, and I never feel as alive as when I am sharing what the Holy Spirit gives me to teach. These spirit-filled non-fiction books are the result of that.

My Christian non-fiction books vary widely

The ones listed below are six of the books which have been released in print, ePUB, Kindle, and several are available as audiobooks, also. Here’s the link to David’s author page on Amazon. It has most of these, plus several straight evangelistic books for people who have just met the Lord.

Here are the titles & covers. You can click on the cover to go the the landing page of the book. They are all available in print, PDF, ePUB, and Kindle. Plus, all except Writing in Holiness, and Daily Christian Life… are available as audio books.

Christian non-fiction: How to Teach the Bible — my best selling spiritual book  The Training Place of Mankind Second Edition This is a discussion of how narrow the gate really is to enter into the Kingdom of God learning how to behave as the betrothed of Jesus 2nd Edition: Daily Christian Life & Practical Spiritual Warfare The Lord's call to Christian authors

The Easily Understanding Scripture series

I began with several verse-by-verse Bible studies—as that is the way I teach scripture in my Bible studies. They were called The Easily Understanding Scripture series. They are studies of Galatians, Philippians, and Timothy I & II. They are now available free as PDFs, ePUBs, and MOBIs from the page.

This is quoted from the page for the series on this site:

Modern study bibles are marvelous gatherings of commentary—but often the Bible itself is lost in the clutter. Easily Understanding Scriptures is the result of a simple goal: presenting the bible richly in an easy to comprehend format for people who have a real desire to understand what was written and why it is important to us today.

One of the issues we are dealing with here in America is the lack of Bible studies. There are quite a few groups (often barely holding together) that meet around a book that claims to be a bible study. But they really are not a bible study—they are a topic study with some biblical references and pre-written question & answers.