Bookish relaxed slab serif familyThis all started with a love for Jenson. But it ended up as the Bookish relaxed slab serif family.

I know there’re hundreds of variations on that theme. But, that is where I began, several years ago. How far it came, as usual, as I wandered through the vagaries of font design, is not unusual. If you’ve read any of my font design books, you know my design processes are quite loose and spontaneous.

I wanted the general feel of a favorite old font, but softer, easier, and more comfortable. I built these fonts on the same vertical metrics as my Librum Publishing Group. However, this family is not part of that group. I used the metrics because that shows my current taste in fonts.

This family does work with the Librum group—but to be honest, I haven’t experimented enough to come up a good companion. I suspect I’ll need to make another companion family. I may need make a non-modulated bold version also. But, that remains to be seen.

Bookish gibberish

The Bookish relaxed slab serif family

There are four fonts: Regular, Italic, Bold, and Bold Italic. They are very readable, sturdy, and comfortable. They work well for text or display. But, as is always the case, you’ll need to tighten the letterspacing for large display work.

They are available at the usual culprits

They have various prices. The advantage of the Gumroad archive is that it includes ePUB licensing with the normal purchase price.