My Christian fiction varies in genre but not in intent. My motivation is to present how believers actually live their lives. What I like to read more or less started with science fiction, then fantasy, and finally action-adventure—with a lot of political thrillers in the mix.

In high school I used reading to escape from society. I read phenomenal numbers of books. I know, for example, that for my ninth grade school year I read 390+ books. There was a school competition, so I kept track. The school library regularly said, “You couldn’t have read it that fast.” So, they’d test me, and I had a photographic memory. So, they finally left me alone. During that time I read almost every book available in our Carnegie Public Library for the county. I liked some, didn’t like others. I really didn’t care. I just needed the escape from the pain of social interactions.

Once I left high school, I got deeply into science fiction—until I ran out of books. Then I found the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, McCaffrey, Le Guin, and got into fantasy—until they started getting so grotesquely immoral. Even as a heathen, it began to bother me. Then I got into political-military thrillers: Clancy, Flynn, and many more. That got boring so I got into action-adventure: Cussler and many more.

My Christian fiction varies in genre

Actually, it’s become too realistic to fit into any genre. It’s now realistic, spirit-filled, reborn believers living out what the Lord calls them to do. Like my life actually is, day to day, there’s a lot of minor miracles and quite a few major moves of God. I talk with the Lord all day long—because He’s my best friend and the only one I trust. My characters do also.

The Spirit of Fire Saga completed in 2023 • fifteen novels en toto • Now renamed The Meeting Jesus SagaThe Meeting Jesus Saga

This is a Low Fantasy, Coming of Age, Epic Tale: Since the summer of 2020, I have been working on a major saga about this way of living for creative people of all kinds in the modern world. I finished it in September of 2023 with a total of fifteen novels in what I originally called The Spirit of Fire Saga. Now it’s the Meeting Jesus Saga.

It started with a young college freshman who the Lord calls to deliver Albuquerque, New Mexico from a bad demonic attack. But this boy becomes a man and discovers the truth that spiritual warfare on that level is no real problem when you are reborn and filled with the Holy Spirit. Of course, it was pretty horrific for the people of Albuquerque.

The story moves to the Navajo Nation, then to Santa Fe, where this demonic group from Scotland is finally quelled. During this time the saga centers on creative people who the Lord delivers from really bad places and makes them powerful witnesses of His majesty.

The second series takes place in Taos, New Mexico. The Lord continues to rescue damaged artists of various kinds in the process of building a community around a major new art gallery that brings the presence of the Lord to the center of life in this heathen art center.

In the third series, the action moves to Stillwater, and then Red Wing, Minnesota—spawning two more major art galleries in the process. Then in the final series, the economic strength is harnessed to bring spiritual life to a major college town in Minnesota. Northfield, Minnesota is home to the Norwegian Lutheran college of St. Olaf. Jesus is concerned with rectifying past wrongs to his people and bringing true belief back into a church that has stagnated into a worldly school of great renown.

These below are also covered in depth on Reality Calling

I became a believer between the fantasy and political thrillers. The heathen books became more and more difficult to read. But I had no choice. I’d already read all the C.S. Lewis fiction. What happened was a decision to try and write some fiction which told the truth about spiritual reality. I’ve been on that quest since the mid-1980s or even earlier. But as far as I knew, I couldn’t write.

Then the Lord saw to it that I wrote six textbooks for my technical-vocational desktop publishing curriculum, beginning in 1994. I discovered I loved writing. After the intense activity surrounding the textbooks, I began working on three fiction projects. My Christian fiction varies in genre. I actually tried several other things, but these three stuck with me: a major political thriller, and a high fantasy coming of age series. I had an endgames thriller but I’m going to unpublish that [things have changed too much].

The Revised Ferellonian King SeriesThe Epic Fantasy, Coming of Age tale ended up as The Ferellonian King series

Religious Evil, Demonic Evil,  and Anointed Love were all revised in early 2024. The landing pages for these books are over in Reality Calling. I feel like I’ve put around thirty years into making this world reality. I love the story. It’s yet to be seen if you will.

This is from the landing page on Reality Calling

Ferellonian King Series reveals the fantastic truth to a post-spiritual culture

Welcome to Ferellon! In our society attempting to redefine Truth [as if that were actually possible], spiritual reality has become a fantasy to most under sixty. The younger they are the more likely they are to not believe Truth. But that is the result of its rejection by the boomers and everyone in between. The civilization of Ferellon has much to teach us.

The Mexican invasion in The Tales of Mighty MenThe political/military thriller ended up as The Tales of Mighty Men series in 2017

The political-military thriller went through two major contortions. It was first released as one book, Daniel’s Mighty Men,  in 2013. At 666 pages, few had the stamina to read it. So, I rewrote, reorganized, and released the three book series, Tales of Mighty Men in 2017. It’s a story about the Aztlan movement in the southwestern United States. These Mayan Mexican immigrants believe their homeland, Aztlan, was stolen from them. They have a movement to take it back, and make it into a new nation—which comprises all of SW USA and NW Mexico. It was relatively openly known in New Mexico while we lived there from 1980 to 2005. I updated it to include the Obama years. But the reality of the endtimes in the world have made it obsolete. Many of the people from this series have a major or minor role in The Meeting Jesus Saga.

Blurb from Book 1: Invasion

From Book 1: From New Mexico, the land of enchantment, and its history of mighty men comes a modern tale of conflict
Deborah “Stones” Jackson at the ripe, old age of 31 had thought she was done with the covert life. The gut shot during the op in Eastern Afghanistan, compounded by the care of the Jalalabad hospital, had nearly killed her. Ralph, her boss at Black Sail in Maryland, had finally gotten her to Germany for emergency care. Then he sent her back to New Mexico to recover. She wasn’t sure she’d be going back.
But a calling rarely lets up, and Stones was meant for combat. The new foe was devious, coming up from Chihuahua, with support in surprising places. She’d never been faced with traitorous Americans, amazing wealth, and the sheer nastiness of an oppressed people demanding freedom.
Cut off from the East with no resources, Deborah discovers that God has a plan for her which she never could have dreamed—far beyond her wildest imaginations. She’d have to deal with her mother, who was a legendary assassin?!