Librum Book Design Group samples the 20-font Publishing packageThese Librum book design group samples use a small set of the six font families, and 20 fonts, specially designed for book production. So what I want to do here is give you some sample layouts meant to solve problems you may not realize you have.

Librum Book Design Group samples

This design group has six font families: Librum, Librum-E, Librum Sans, Bream, Bookish, and Bulkr. This package has been tested in many books, and you should be pleased. The entire group plus the PDF specimen is on sale for only $99.00

Text and display serif fonts with companion sans, slab serif, and headline fonts

“Well!” You huff, “I know about that.” More likely you have strong opinions about what you like. But you simply don’t use run-in heads because you can’t make them look good. Most designers are not aware that there is a problem. If it was commonly known, there would be more solutions. ITC Stone is a very large ambitious family which does this. But other examples are harder to find. Out of the ones available, none of them fit my personal taste or had the features I required.

So, this page is designed to show you what some of the fonts in this package have to offer. You can see if you like it.


This is just a very simple example, but you can see that Librum Sans works very smoothly in lists with run-in (nested) heads. Also, you might notice that Librum comes with some more interesting choices for bullets in the ASCII set. This one is the lozenge.


This is the same thing but a bit more complex.


You can see, when it gets ridiculous, the copy remains very readable. Do I expect people to fall in love with this type of styling? No. It’s just a demo of what can be done. Hopefully, you can start to see some of the possibilities.

Book Publishing With InDesign CCThis entire book is set with the Librum family, as you can see on the cover

It’s designed to show you possibilities with the Librum Book Design group samples—in addition to offering training on using InDesign to publish books. Librum is designed to work well with InDesign. It has a Librum E family which works fluently in ePUBs and Kindle books—with special characters in the ASCII slots and a small caps version in addition to the normal R,I,B,BI four-font family.

The Bookish slab-serif font family has been added to the design package later—plus the Bulkr black sans headline font.