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The stupid Kindle argument continues unnecessarily — 3 Comments

  1. There is no point in wrestling with Kindle — you’ll never win. Amazon has decided that readers are the ones who control the look of their Kindle page (typeface, margins, columns, spacing, and even page color on the Fire), not the publisher. Frustrating for a book designer? Yes. But there’s nothing to be gained by fuming about it. Anyone who would like to gain maximum control of the way a Kindle book looks would do well to pick up Aaron Shephard’s ebooks on how to tweak HTML files for Kindle — find them on his website: http://www.newselfpublishing.com/

  2. I agree, Lisa. But my original source for the havoc wreaked by “enhanced typography” with the formatting changed made after uploading without our knowledge or approval was Shephard (though I think that may be misspelled).

  3. Quote: They want 300 dpi graphics for their Fire readers, which bulks file size immensely with no real benefit in any of the Kindle apps on other machines.

    Yes, but there’s an enormous benefit for Amazon, given the huge download fees that charge for books price $2.99-$9.99—15 cents per megabyte. A 300 dpi image is 4 times the size of a 150 dpi one.

    Here is an article that discuss that:


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