InDesign CC Book Production video courses ease the complexity of book designInDesign CC Book Production video courses ease the complexity of writing, designing, and producing books by the new self-publishers of the 21st century. By using Udemy as home base for these courses, David can offer more direct help to authors and book designers around the globe.

The 1st course: Laying a solid foundation immerses the student in typography

Communicating clearly and comfortably with words forms the core of book production. This shows what typography is. It’s not about pretty fonts, but about effortless readability. This first course leads the student into understanding how to produce this for the readers of the book.

This is the main reason why authors need to leave Word behind

There is no word processor capable of typographic excellence. Neither Word nor Scrivener has this ability—it’s simply not part of the paradigm. Once he or she comes to realize how much better communication with the reader can be, the author quickly recognizes any word processor as the hindrance it is.

The 2nd course: Putting the book together gives you practical experience

In this course I share:

  • Projects of actual books you can publish
  • Training in the production of vector graphics
  • Demos of cover production projects
  • Production of the print version
  • Production of the downloadable PDF
  • Production of the ePUB Reflow, plus instructions on ePUB FXLs
  • Production of the Kindle Textbook [print replica] version
  • Production of the Kindle Reflow version

This course shares the practicalities of book production.

InDesign CC Book Production video courses show you how to deal with the complexity of book production

The goal of the courses focuses on helping you through the often overwhelming barrage of decisions which need to be made when you begin producing a book—after it is written.

They also give you a feel for the power of writing in InDesign—fully formatted. It’s a wonderful way to author a book!