Special pricing for solid food books — my novels hit harder than my solid food non-fiction, because they get into your lifeSpecial pricing for solid food books is the new normal for this site. After all, my fond hope is that they will help someone met Jesus and turn their life around. So, in effect they’re priceless.

I’ve always tried to price my believer books at the lower end of the spectrum. After all, the knowledge was given to me by the Holy Spirit. Like Paul said in 2nd Corinthians, I’m not interested in peddling the Word of God. My trust is that He’ll take care of me without lowering to that level. However I also know that humans, being who they are, don’t value what they don’t pay for. So, to offer the best of both options I am going to this:

Special pricing for solid food books is pay whatever you want

From zero to thousands, it’s between you and the Lord. Whatever you feel comfortable with, where your faith leads you, is good. These are my books with Biblical teaching, without compromise—as well as I am able, by the grace of the Lord. It’s a worthy task, but difficult for me, to keep the opinions out of the loop.

All the following links go to the digital books with the pay whatever you want to pay option. The images are linked, and the titles:

Recent prophetic books

The Lord's call to Christian authors Revelatory information to the Bride

The Lord’s call to authors until we go home in Writing During The Last DaysWhat is coming in the Tribulation & the Millennium in Here comes King Jesus

Basic solid food

How to Teach the Bible with power is my most popular Christian non-fiction title  A retail explanation of creation by God  The gate is narrow and the path is strait  Our prime purpose is knowing Jesus intimately
Defeating the enemy in your life
 A Spiritual System for Rating Books  How to study scripture with the author

The basic book is How to Teach the Bible. Understanding the Creator is in The Training Place of Mankind. Understanding the path in The Narrow Gate. Understanding the Bride of Christ in The Wife of Jesus. Defeating the enemy in your life in How to Live in Daily Deliverance. A system for explaining the spiritual content of Christian fiction in A Spiritual System of Rating Books. Studying the Bible with the author How to Study Scripture.