Living in daily holiness is possible, as I’ve discovered since my wife died in December of 2019. To deal with the grief, I finally turned to Jesus with my whole heart. I thought I had done that before, many times before—but this time it seems to be working.

As a result, the Lord has taught me how to live in daily holiness as I write, and live. It’s surprisingly simple. Below, one of my characters explains how it works.

Living in daily holiness is possible

Living in daily holiness is possible, as demonstrated in believing superhero fictionAn excerpt from Book One of the Stillwater Mission: Chozen Frozen:

Jake was actually embarrassed. As a pastor he was supposed to know this stuff, [about the power of Biblical Marriage -ed.]. But when he asked Jacob [his mentor -ed.] about it he was told, “The Pentecostal churches rarely teach it either, if ever. As far as we can tell, it’s all because almost no one teaches on holiness.

“For example, Truth & Beauty has realized that what we sell as a gallery is dependent upon the anointing. That’s the things which the Lord adds to creative output. However, starting with William’s paintings, we’ve been forced to deal with what he discovered. That is the simple fact, that real holiness is possible.

“It’s dependent upon regularly asking the Holy Spirit to show yourself all your sin. The notion is that once all your current sin is forgiven, then the He can manifest His power through you with much more strength is new. It’s not required and you don’t make yourself holy, but it’s available.

“What we’ve discovered is a window of anointed power, until the next time you sin. The good news is that, as we mature, we should all be expecting to live longer and longer periods of time cleansed from sin.

“The bad news is that like everything else, it requires faith and seeking the Lord daily or more—asking Him to show you if you have any sin to repent of before you start work the next day. That enables our artists, craftspeople, as well as woodworkers, retail clerks, warehouse helpers, and everyone else to work under the anointing. That empowers the entire Truth & Beauty Gallery (out in Taos, from the previous series).

“That’s why our videos are anointed, and our furniture is anointed. They all carry the blessing of the Lord along with them. It’s the real thing, as opposed to the counterfeit of the demonic cursed handcrafts from the third world. However, it does explain the power of the godly Gothic cathedrals.

“We should have realized it when we saw the demonic power of works which contained a curse, amulets, and all the rest. But it’s discovery in power has only come about in the Last Days among people baptized with the Holy Spirit and His power. It was revived by people saved by seriously asking the Holy Spirit to show them all their sin. That makes their repentance complete. It enables their rebirth to be radical in every instance.

“But another major benefit is that it produces a people who regularly, throughout every day spontaneously break into worship. This has been given additional power by everyone sliding into their spiritual language while singing. This allows the Holy Spirit to give them both the harmonies and the words as they all sing together. As a result, we regularly hear unearthly harmonies joining us. This massive heavenly chord hangs in the air over our worship. Rachael and I are convinced that the angels are given the grace to join us, in ways we can hear with our fleshly ears.

“When you join us down here after Christmas, you’ll experience it on a regular basis—if you keep yourself clean. It all provides powerful incentives toward holiness.”


Living in daily holiness is possible, really. I can testify that it works in my daily life. When I first got saved, my Dad and I sang together like this regularly as we traveled to the nightly Bible study. And, we were just Episcopalians. I have not found a fellowship willing to try it. Even the one we led, the people were too embarrassed to try it.

But I have experienced it. Once in a worship service of over six hundred voices, I heard that amazing chord.I experienced those unearthly additional harmonies. Heaven’s going to be good, my friends.