These are my current book production and font design books

Book Publishing With InDesign CCThe newest releases are: Book Publishing With InDesign CC. It covers through CC [2015.3], though there have been few changes which affect us much since CC [2014]. Many of the changes I’ve been waiting for with ePUB production have been implemented.

InDesign now stands at the top of the heap for book production in general and ePUB production in particular. You do not need to know code, though understanding how HTML and CSS works will aid your conceptual understanding.

I have recently released two video courses on this material.


Practical Font Design With FontLab 5

It shares and demonstrates the latest, most efficient, basic font production workflow for single fonts and font families. David has spent over twenty years refining his font design techiques. This book does not offer a lot of intellectual design help. This is focused on

  • “How the heck do I do this?” and
  • “How can I quit spinning my wheels?” and
  • “Why is this taking me so much time?”

These techniques will enable you to enjoy font design by letting you focus on the actual drawing of characters with a clear plan and a workflow which does not get in your way.

In the process of producing my popular video course on Practical Font Design, I radically streamlined my workflow for FontLab Studio 5. I have shared that with you in this book released earlier this year, 2016.

Writing In Holiness Writing In InDesign CC 2014 Producing Books BasicTypography400x600 Practical Font Design 3rd Edition FOG-cover2-200x300 How Do I Make The Next Book Better?

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