Revelatory information to the BrideRevelatory information to the Bride is an audacious statement, to be sure. For most of you, at least some of this short ePUB will be already known. But for some it will be brand new data—you are the intended audience. It’s available on Books to Read. It will take a few days for the major distributors to offer it. The plan is to continue expanding the book and offering a second edition after the first of the year.

I have been working on these ideas for a long time and they have taken a much more definite shape since the plague and the turmoil that was enabled by those looking to use the disaster for their own purposes. The World Economic Forum said openly that the panic had provided an opportunity of which they needed to take advantage. Remember, this is a plague which 99.5% of the people who get sick recover fine. The serious stats line up very closely to a bad flu season.

The revelatory information to the Bride involves what will happen after we leave

I believe the Spirit has shown me some things. I include several of my recent posts. But I do not consider any of this to be prophetic. I am virtually certain that I have gotten some things wrong. But, the general gist of what I see coming is solid, as far as I can tell. We are going to be in an incredible marriage to the one who designed marriage. I expect amazing things.

Please let me know what you think needs to be changed. I would greatly value your input. If you would like a PDF for commenting and/or simply reading, just contact me. If you want printer spreads, I’ll be happy to provide that also. I’ve got it set up as a half letter book, so it is printable on a normal printer that can handle a PDF.

Here comes King Jesus! PDF

Here’s a link for the Gumroad package of a PDF and an ePUB—your choice or both. Whatever you want to pay, if anything.

Get the book

Here the link to books2read with links to the D2D distributors. The ePUB is free