The Training Place of Mankind Second EditionThe Training Place of Mankind Second Edition is a radical rewrite.  I’ve learned a lot since I wrote the first edition. I find it much more exciting now. The Father’s plan is magnificent.

The Training Place of Mankind Second Edition

Short Term, Focused Training for Mankind

God’s incredible plan: to produce friends He can love & care for

From creation through re-creation, the Father’s plan has unfolded as planned. His goal has not changed. He wants friends who choose to love Him. These people are separated from Him, friends with a viewpoint from outside of Himself.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are all one—all He is. Mankind has been separated by sin. Each person, individually, chooses to enter into a personal relationship of love and friendship. This relationship is available to any human. But they have to repent of their sin, and ask for the relationship.

As Yeshua Messiah prayed in John 17, we will be brought into the same oneness as experienced by Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yet we are each a unique person. The wisdom of God is wonderfully incredible. Each of us is a joint heir with Jesus.

More than that, we are married to our Messiah. What exquisite joy! Our relationship with our Messiah goes far beyond what any of us has ever imagined. Even the hints that we can see are beyond understanding.

There are scriptures which say that Israel will grow forever. I wonder how that will happen? So far, I’ve not been given a glimpse of that. But I’m sure it will be glorious.

I’m still having trouble comprehending living in our wedding gift—the New Jerusalem. Whether it’s a cube, a pyramid, or some other incredible shape, it’s still fifteen hundred miles wide, deep, and tall. It will be built of gemstones, with windows of perfectly clear agate. Imagine a balcony twelve hundred miles off the ground. I don’t know about you, but I get boggled quickly. Maranatha!

Yes, you can experience this level of living. Just ask Jesus to speak to you. Prepare to be surprised, with joy.