Niche Publishing for Believers Using InDesign makes professional quality ePUBs.Niche Publishing for Believers Using InDesign has been released. It’s my latest book on digital publishing, the replacement for Book Publishing With InDesign CC, focused this time on niche publishers. 

It’s a major revision incorporating all the stuff I’ve learned in the past decade. I learned a lot more as I edited and revised this book while researching all the changes. What I’m trying to show is that by using InDesign, you can publish books that are at a higher quality level that anything you see coming from the online book stores.

One of the neat things was found as I was trying to find out what ereaders are available on Chrome, Windows, and Linux.

One major group developing Open Source code for those operating systems is There’s an excellent free reader using their code, named The Thorium Reader. It works on Windows, Linux and MacOS. Readium has a browser app in Chrome. The Thorium Reader is very close in capabilities to Apple Books, and that’s saying a lot.

Niche Publishing for believers using the professional software

One of things that makes me sad is to see a well-written book that was obviously produced with a word processor. Word processors simply do not have the capabilities necessary for excellence in ePUBs and PDFs. It can be seen at a glance. This book will show you why this is true, and how you can get past that handicap.

Niche Publishing for Believers Using InDesign makes professional quality ePUBs.

My competitors are all asking for $20 for their ebook and $40+ for the book
I’m asking $9.99 for the ebook and $29.95 for the full color print book

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