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  1. Well stated, and to the point. It’s when one thinks in eternal scope that our decisions become most the most logical. It’s when we do not think eternally that our logic fails, as we say, “Well, that can wait.” or “I’m not sure if there’s an afterlife, so I’ll put it off.” By faith, we make a conclusion, as we don’t know until after death, with scientific certainty what happens. That’s why it’s called faith. Making no conclusion, is also a conclusion, by default, but a consequential one. Without forgiveness and repentance, can a holy Creator let any person into heaven? Being left out of heaven is being left somewhere else. That somewhere else might not be pleasant, if that’s with the murderers, torturers, the selfish, and the fallen angels. If we aren’t thinking eternally, we can dismiss that possibility, but it is a possibility, if not a certainty, according to the concept of “greater damnation,” to which Jesus Christ referred. Thanks for bringing up the topic.

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