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  1. I’d add that for writers with limited budgets, Adobe has a $20/month, single-app Creative Cloud plan rather than the all-apps $50/month plan, which for most is app overkill. You’d have to be a tech genius to actually use that many apps.

    Those who typically write for about five months and then spend a single month formatting for publication might even consider the $30 per month plan, starting and stopping it depending on need. If they write two books a year, that’d give them all the benefits of InDesign for just $60 a year or $30 per book. Imagine creating a beautiful book, print and digital, with ID for just $30.

    True, they’d have to find a substitute for Photoshop, but unlike InDesign there are a number of cheap alternatives. Even Apple’s free Photos app may have enough features for most photo editing. Good stock photos often need little editing and ID can easily handle book covers.


    My dream is that someday Adobe will offer an Author package with InDesign much like its current $10/month Photography package with Photoshop/Lightroom. Include a set of book templates to ease ID’s steep learning curve and Adobe just might get a lot of authors who’ve grown tired of a workflow with the miseries of Word. That’d also solidly establish ID as the industry-standard way to create books.

    Also, those who think they need Word for their actual writing might want to take a look at Scrivener, a true writer’s tool beloved by many. There are both Mac and Windows versions with an iOS version for iPhones and iPads almost complete.


    There’s a free trial that lets you use it on thirty days, not just for 30 days.


    You can see what a book created with Scrivener and with the cover and formatted with ID here:


    And by the way, ID creates that display for your book, exports it under a minute, and displays it on an Adobe-hosted website.

    –Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books

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