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A short note about ebook licensing for your fonts — 3 Comments

  1. This is from Adobe TypeKit:

    “Can I embed synced fonts in a PDF or ebook?

    Yes. Fonts synced from Typekit are licensed for embedding in any ebook format which adequately protects the font data such as EPUB, iBooks, Kindle (mobi), Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), and PDF.

    Any ebook authoring workflow which requires the user to move the font files themselves is not allowed under the Typekit Services Agreement, however.

    Note that sync fonts work in iBooks Author v2.1.1 (and higher). In earlier versions of this program, the fonts are not packaged correctly when exported, and will be missing from the iBooks file.”

  2. The only reason I don’t mention TypeKit is that (1) I don’t use them, (2) I’ve never heard any stories of success. Theoretically they should work fine. I see simply consider cloud solutions as unreliable at best.

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