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Tate closes, authors beware, and other normal advice — 2 Comments

  1. You are right. Self-publishing, particularly for ebooks, is far easier that many authors think. That said, some people simply don’t like its demands. They’d rather just write and are willing to pay for assistance. Authors, whether they got burned by Tate or not, might look into BookLocker. Here’s its offer for Tate victims and those who want to bail out of dubious arrangements. Check and see if what it offers is what you need.


    Those who’ve been in publishing for a number of years may remember that it was BookLocker who sued Amazon in federal court when Amazon had begun to demand that POD authors and publishers who did not print through Createspace (then Booksurge) have their books ship only after long delays. BookLocker won, with Amazon abandoning the policy and settling out of court. BookLocker stood up to Amazon alone, but what it did benefited all of us.
    Writers should also regularly check the Writer Beware blog for warnings about scams and companies that are likely to fold, leaving their authors in the lurch. Forewarned is forearmed. Note what it’s saying about Author Solutions and All Romance ebooks.


    Don’t let scammers and business incompetents keep you from writing and publishing to your heart’s desire. There are sharks in the water looking for authors to devour. But with care and planning you can avoid them.

    –Michael W. Perry, Inkling Books, Auburn, AL

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