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InDesign CC ePUBs now handle floating graphics fairly well — 2 Comments

  1. I play it safe and put one-and-only-one graphic at the start of the chapter after a page break and the chapter title. It looks good in print and doesn’t go wrong in digital.

    I’m not sure if it’s fair to blame ID for problems in this area. Graphics that break across pages are impossible to predict with flowable text. it really should be the ereader’s job to handle those sorts of problems intelligently (along with widows and orphans). Most seem to forcibly break the page for the graphic no matter how ugly that looks. Better would be to continue the text but place the graphic at the start of the next page. Still better would be for the ePub spec to allow the person doing the layout to specify what happens.

    Personally, I think the ePub spec should include the ability to specify that the graphic appear as a thumbnail on every page until some marker. When a discussion needs a map, for instance, that map could be available with a tap on any of those pages.

    If you’ve got only a few, oft-repeated graphics in a book, you might include them as text characters. Either find a font set that has the character or find a way to create a font character from a graphic.

  2. I agree the problem is the ereaders. iBooks does it right almost every time. Almost none else does. Kindle is one of the worst. But Nook has that spot nailed down. I’m hoping Adobe can go somewhere with Readium.

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