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Writing books in InDesign — 6 Comments

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  2. Wow David, This is extremely powerful and moving information. I have been debating about this a long time and I’m from a Tech Writing background, so Framemaker was for me the ideal software for writing books. But after viewing InDesign 5.5 and what it offers, I was convinced it may be more powerful than Framemaker. But you went BEYOND the BEYOND, why not just write and design and do everything in InDesign. I never considered that and now that you’ve been so wise as to make this available, I will follow accordingly. I just purchased your PDF from Lulu and I’ll be drowning in your book for the next couple of days. I’ll get into your RSS Feeds and hopefully, we’ll have time to talk about Publishing and making my works more readily available.

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  4. Lovely article – thanks! Do you have any suggestions for just doing a first draft of a book? Not sure I am ready to learn Indesign.

  5. For my novel, I’m using Scrivener. The typography’s non-existent (about the same as Word), but it has a good writing interface for fiction.

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