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New version of InDesign CC 2015.2 released today! — 2 Comments

  1. Thank goodness for Publish Online. If it wasn’t for it, InDesign would be getting no improvements worthy of the name. Those who’d like to see how it handles a typical book with pictures can view my latest here. The book’s digital versions are free when I have that option, so pass on the link if you want. I want its message to get out.


    Use the not-so-obvious arrow on the right to page through it and also test the icons at the bottom. Publish Online is now so full-featured, I’d have trouble coming up with anything to add other than a markup capacity for proofing.That would be nice.

    Notice you can now select/copy the text and images and that the contents page will jump to chapters. In the side-by-side option, it now looks so much like the print version, I’m going to use ti to offer review copies to nursing professors. Adobe says their interactive features also work.

    More and more, Publish Online is looking like a way to publish online. Left unsaid is whether users will be able to do anything more than link to Adobe’s webpage. Also, will Publish Online become “publish ourselves” and will there perhaps be a commerce site that lets us sell online. That would allow us to bypass the various gatekeepers.

    I’d love to see Adobe become a high-class distributor of digital books created by ID, one that could pass along epubs to retailers much like Smashwords but without the latter’s obsession with Word for Windows being THE way to publish. I get frustrated when Smashwords rejects epub files that Apple finds no problem with. I’d love to find a dedicated, hassle-free epub distributor to rid myself of hassles.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I agree. It’s getting very good. My surprise was that when I clicked on your link, it did not open a new Tab. It replaced this page.

    I haven’t used it much because I rarely have any giveaways at present. My hope also is that they give us an option to publish to a server of our choice. My assumption is that there is a lot of server-side action with these publishings. I hope they keep this one going.

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