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InDesign CC 2015 offers paragraph shading in ePUBs — 6 Comments

  1. Thanks for a great overview of the update. I suspected one was coming soon when the CC app updated on Monday. 2015 came to Adobe in June this year.

    I fully agree that Kindle is slipping further and further behind in comparison to those building on epub. It could indicate that Amazon is secretly planning to go epub itself. More likely it just means Amazon doesn’t care. It makes most of its money with books that don’t require complex formatting. My policy has been to simply send them an epub 3.0 and live with the results as long as the ebook looks tolerable. Eventually readers will pick up on how second class Kindle books are and perhaps move to other platforms.

    I’m delighted by shading and that it works in epub. I suspect borders will be available soon, since they’re listed in Adobe’s list of improvements:

    Add borders and shading to paragraphs
    Quickly and easily add borders and shading to paragraphs without manual workarounds. Highlights adjust automatically as you edit text, even if it flows across columns. Plus, you have controls for offsets and more.

    Sorry about that other posting with just the Adobe quote. Don’t know how it happened. It just did.

    Also, If someone would like to help me out, my latest book, Senior Nurse Mentor, is being done as favor to over-worked, under-appreciated hospital nurses. I want the digital version to be free, but Amazon won’t let me do that. I have to make it free elsewhere and let Amazon pout and price-match. I need someone to fink on me to make Amazon cut the price.

    Here is the iBooks version:


    You can then go to Amazon and tell them that you are “Shocked, yes shocked” to find it cheaper elsewhere and give them that iBooks link.


    Hopefully, this won’t mean a nasty cease and desist letter from Amazon lawyers. I do hate it when lawyers do that. Dealing with them is likely trying to calm down a two-year-old throwing a temper tantrum.

    Amazon lawyers make Youtube:


    Little kids have excuses. It is hard to be little. Lawyers have no excuse.

  2. David,

    Good article. I’m currently running ID 5.5. I have just released my 170 page 6×9 book “Intimacy With God: One Man’s Journey” (journey.roboberto.com) on 6/4 through Amazon. CreateSpace is working on creating an ebook–they said they would do it for free. I’ve got a lot of other things to do for the book launch right now, so I’d like to offload that work if I can. Yet, I do want a quality ebook. I’ll see how well they do. If I have to continue my own formatting efforts for the Kindle version I will.

    As I look toward the non-Kindle world, who do you recommend for converting a book to an ebook and distributing it? You don’t recommend Smashwords, so who could you recommend?


    Rob Oberto

  3. The best tool for converting to an ebook right now is InDesign CC (2015). All the converters want you to submit a Word document, and Word is not capable of good typography without a lot of work. Even then, Word has several things it simply cannot do.

    For a conversion, I’ve been recommending Draft2Digital. The authors I’ve heard from really like it.
    For me, personally, I sell nearly twice as much through D2D as I do through SW. BUT, my bestsellers are too large for Smashwords so I cannot sell them there.

  4. David,

    Thank you for the quick reply. It looks like my best option is to upgrade my InDesign 5.5 to CC(2015), create the EPUB, and distribute through Draft2Digital. I’ll be sure to verify my backups before upgrading. I usually do, but I’d hate to damage my published 5.5 files. I’ve been reading your book on writing with InDesign.

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