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Some concerns before installing CC (2015) — 2 Comments

  1. I’d add another and a quite serious one. A 6×9 book opened with all master pages changed to 8.5×11 and well as misplaced frames on the main master page.

    Fortunately, I saved a copy of the 2014 version. Unfortunately, that doesn’t help. I opened the 2014 document in the 2014 app and the problem exists in it too.

    The key fact is that my 6×9 Page Size template has disappeared from Document Setup. It looks disturbingly like, rather than import my existing page size templates, this ID upgrade has overwritten them with only the defaults. Perhaps the CC synching is playing a part in that. The 2015 update destroyed all but the default page sizes, imposing 8.5×11 on my existing 6×9 master pages. The CC synching then forced that same reduced set of templates onto the 2014 version. Bad.

    I am a bit paranoid. I do have a backup of everything on my hard drive from yesterday as well as of all presets etc. from before this upgrade. But if this problem of mine proves common, there will be a lot of people in deep trouble. They won’t have those backups.

    My suggestion. Back every blasted thing on your hard driveup via Superduper or something before trying this upgrade.

    I’m going to be filing an bug report with Adobe on this one.

  2. Good news about the problem I just reported. I went into ID 2015, created and applied a 6×9 page size template. The master page sizes became 6×9 and the formatting issues fixed themselves. I did the same with a 2014 document in ID 2014, and the problems went away there too.

    So the issue seems to be why by a 6×9 book page size template dating back years would disappear. As best I can tell, my other preferences migrated from 2014 to 2015, including my custom GREP scripts. Just those page size templates not on got lost but their loss reflected back into the 2014 app.

    It is a really weird not a fatal problem, since it does seem easily fixed.

    Now I can get on to testing the new features. I am going to retain my pre-upgrade backup until I am a bit more sure though.

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