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The Book Designer’s Book Typography and Fonts package — 2 Comments

  1. Dear Mr. Bergsland:
    I would like to learn how to use Adobe InDesign, but I have attempted to take a course online through a local community college, and the course proved to be so frustrating to work with online that I had to drop it. I was wondering whether you could recommend a way to learn InDesign that would not require my taking a difficult online course. In fact, I am taking a kind of course through Lynda.com in InDesign, and this course is easy to work on because the explanations are simple and clear, but there is no interaction and therefore no way that I can do exercises and really learn the program. I am interested in publishing books online, and I would very much like to learn InDesign to do this. Would you have any suggestions about how I might learn the program on my own?

    Joe McNally

  2. The main thing is to practice on real work. Sandee Cohen’s Visual Quickstart is very good as you begin, because it will tell you how every command in the application works. You can use it as a reference. I have a new book called “Practical Professional Self Publishing Handbook” which I hope to release by the middle of May at the latest. I tells how to use InDesign to produce a book starting at a beginning level.

    My “Writing In InDesign Revised Version 2.5” does this for InDEsign CS6 but it does not have as much beginning information as the new book does.

    Start by putting short books together—even if they are only 4-8 pages. Take whatever writings you have and make them into a book. I can answer some questions for you. If you want an ongoing mentorship relationship, I’m willing to talk about that also.

    Practice, practice, and practice.

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