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Using embedded fonts in ePUBs for free: DIY Publishing wins! — 6 Comments

  1. Kindle Fire usually works okay for embedded fonts (both OpenType and TrueType), but the CSS has to be pretty clean. We’ve only ever gotten TrueType fonts to embed correctly on the Kindle Touch though. What fonts are you trying to embed and can you share the CSS? I’m sort of curious. Thanks, David.

  2. Hi Paul,

    I’m just using the Kindle KF8 Export Plug-in for InDesign CS6. The one time I looked, a long time ago, very quickly, it just looked like an @fontface rule. Somehow they do something to make the font a little less easy to steal, but I do no know what that is. I’m not a coder.

    The fonts are ones I design in FontLab and sell through MyFonts. Some are OpenType, some are some special TT fonts I made with 256 characters just for the ePUBs.

    I just emailed you a copy of the ePUB to the info[at]bbebooksthailand address on your site

  3. David,

    I checked out the CSS and it should be alright. The Bergsland Pro looks like this in your style sheet:

    @font-face {
    font-family:”Bergsland Pro”;
    src : url(“../font/BergslandPro-Italic.otf”);

    It should be okay for EPUB. For the KF8, the @font-face rule need to be inside the Amazon KF8 query, like this:

    @media amzn-kf8{

    /*== @font-face rules can go below here, but above the closing brace ==*/


    I’m not sure how the InDesign CS6 export to KF8 works, but it’s hopefully doing it like that.

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