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Enhanced typesetting and new inaccessible Kindle format? — 2 Comments

  1. Quote: “They need to give us tools to use we can trust. A new InDesign export plug-in would be a good start.”

    You could not be more right. I have no problem with Amazon improving their book formatting. In fact, that’s desperately needed. But only the author/publisher knows how an ebooks should look. Amazon staff don’t, and Amazon isn’t going to give them the time to do the work right.

    This might—just might—explain why Amazon hasn’t revised their InDesign plug-in since 5.5. Given their penny-pinching ways, they may have been waiting for a more complete formatting scheme to go into service, this .kfx, before releasing a new ID plug-in. I just hope that they worked closely with Adobe on it. Amazon has a long history of creating clumsy products for publishers to use.

    Time will tell if that’s true. For now, all those of us who’re frustrated about this should keep in mind that large publishers, ones who do carry weight around Amazon, can’t be happy about this changing formatting either.

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