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Podcasts? Video? or not… — 2 Comments

  1. I’m sorry you aren’t into podcasts yet. My pastor husband gave me his 1st gen iPod when he upgraded about 4 years ago. Chore time has never been the same for me since.
    I listen through speakers when cooking, cleaning, ironing, driving: anything not too noisy where my body’s busy but my brain isn’t. Earbuds help me get drowsy without a glowing screen before sleeping many nights. Podcasts makes my life full and have been an awesome way for me to learn, grow, and relax in all sorts of areas.
    Because of this I jumped onto the idea of starting my own podcast when the needs of my non-reading target audience hit me. I have a son who struggled for years with reading and there are millions of kids and adults who get no pleasure and little information from the printed page.
    Audio was my first choice for none written content because I don’t need to fix my hair or backdrop nor buy $100s of equipment. So far, my kids and I have produced a total of 9 episodes and after settling on a 14 day schedule, we plan to keep at it indefinitely.
    Thanks for sharing CopyBlogger’s infographic. It is (naturally) spot on and consolidates a lot of info into a small space. Hopefully many people will be encouraged to launch out into this exciting new direction with their encouragement!

  2. I may have to reconsider. My problem is that I prefer to read and I never listen to recordings. I rarely watch videos. I’ll take a book any time. But I realize I am in an increasingly small minority.

    Podcasts on writing and publishing books. That seems a tad ironic. But I’ll certainly pray about it.

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