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InDesign CC 2014 Reflowable ePUBs are even better — 6 Comments

  1. David,
    Thank you for sharing your expertise on InDesign. Your book, “Writing in InDesign” and your posts are helpful and appreciated.

  2. At the risk of sounding a bit out of touch, I’d like to ask a question about ePubs. Most of the self-published authors that I read about or that I meet on forums, etc. (and not just the mega-selling authors) seem to have a majority of their sales coming from Amazon Kindle, which is based on .mobi files. Yet, when I read sites that are not Kindle-centric, it seems that self-publishing authors and people who teach the ins and out of self-publishing treat ePub as the most important format. There seems to be more tutorials, etc. about producing solid ePub files that there are about Kindle files.

    I know that most ebook sellers other than Amazon sell their books in ePub or some derivative of it. Still, the information that I have read appears to say that Kindle sells more than all of those others combined. If that is trus, why is there so emphasis on ePub production and so little on .mobi files in book production circles, and especially on this site in discussions about InDesign?



  3. Hi Tom,

    Your question is good. The problem is that there is NO good software which produces Kindle books in .mobi format. That’s hand coding, for the most part or worse.

    However, the ePUB2s produced by InDesign upload directly into Kindle KDP and are converted with no issues. Or you can open the ePUB in the free Kindle Previewer and it will convert it for you. So, ePUB is all you need [plus, your downloadable PDF, or course].

  4. In my case now. it is well over a third for everything else [iBooks, Nook, & Kobo—Nook is negligible], a third from Createspace [print], and barely 20% for Kindle.

  5. I was not aware that I could upload ePubs to Kindle for their conversion. My focus at present is on writing fiction books which I hope to distribute as widely as I can. At present, I have just one non-fiction book up on Kindle. It is not breaking any world records, but it has done much better for us than we expected and pays us a fairly significant check very month. About eight months ago, I uploaded the same book in ePub format to Nook and Kobo. To date, the total income from Nook and Kobo have not equaled even half of just one month from Kindle. I do plan to put up a Createspace version to see if I can give the Kindle version a little boost.

    On a side note, I have always understood that Barnes and Noble does not carry Createspace titles, but I see that your InDesign CC 2014 book from CreateSpace is listed there. I was pleasantly surprised at that.


  6. Createspace’s new free distribution is pretty good. It’s got me into bookstores all over the country including B&N, Books-a-million, bookstore chains in Michigan, and more.

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