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Keeping your file size under control for graphic ePUBs — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you, kind sir. I haven’t messed around with InDesign’s export option too much, but I have heard that it can cause heartache for image conversions. Thanks for providing a good workaround. Occasionally I use photoscape, because it can do batch processing. I find that a 70% quality setting is usually fine for eBooks and it gets those image sizes really small (less than 30K, typically). Also, if you want to really geek out, you can write a program in your favorite scripting language to do this. I had an eBook with over 700 images, so writing a simple program actually saved me time in this endeavor.

  2. It sounds like a good solution. However, I am deeply suspicious of automated solutions. They only work with average images—as if such a thing actually existed. So I take the time to do it by hand, but then I have that luxury. I can remember when that amount of time was simply not available.

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