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  1. CErtainly! I write in InDesign. I save a copy and fix the styles (I have all of my copy controlled by styles which can be easily modified) and then I export as an ePUB or use amazon’s free plug-in to export the Kindle (KF8) version.

  2. David, thank you so much for the information. I am new to epublishing. My world was limited to PDF. This has been an enlightening journey. Where did you get your follow plugin that displays on the right border? It is excellent!

  3. I started with PDFs and that’s all I used from about 1993 until 2009. Personally I still like them a lot and they are what is used for print. In fact, PDFs still outsold ePUBs (iBooks and Nook) and Kindle as recently as 2010. In the past couple of years Kindle has taken over. Unless Amazon shoots itself in the foot, I don’t see that changing any time soon. Amazon is simply the best purchasing experience for books.

    The side tabs for following: It is the following option in the share and follow plug-in fopr WordPress

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