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  1. I found your Publishing with InDesign copyright 2001 book in a local Friends of the Library sale bin this summer.
    I’m on a wicked tight budget.
    Since I recently purchased my very first iMac computer (ever) this year, and have a burning desire to self publish, I thought your book could help me learn, understand InDesign.
    What I didn’t fully understand was the vast changes that have taken place since 2001 to now. I purchased CS6 one month ago. I’m trying to figure allot out on my own…I’m failing.
    Just re-read a few chapters in your 2001 book and thought to myself, ‘self your should do a google search on this author’.
    This is how I found your site this very day.
    I enjoy your writing style and understand a great deal from InDesign book, but I’m a newbie, I need newbie stuff.
    What I’m up against is that I have a desire to self publish, create website platform to support my very small, home based artisan business AND use my new iMac and CS6 without having to sell my adult children and only grandson to afford books/courses to gain user knowledge! Might you have any suggestions?
    I appreciate any and all.
    Cheers~Bairbre Aine

  2. The new book which talks about self-publishing using InDesign CS6 is “Writing In InDesign Expanded Edition 2.5”. I’m working on the third edition for InDesign CC. It’s due out in November. The new books are much better that the one you found.


    You can do it. You just have to read, study and practice. I publish 6-10 books a year for free. No expense outside InDEsign and online access.

    If you have specific question just write me: david at radiqx dot com

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