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Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 is not bad — 4 Comments

  1. Someone at Adobe needs to call Apple. The 2.0 ADE installer would not install because OS X thinks it comes from an “unidentified developer.” I disabled that restriction in Security preferences and it installed fine. Text on it doesn’t look as good on screen as on my iPad 3, but that’s a tough standard to beat.

    I still don’t like the books-in-a-library model for an ereader. That’s fine for a mobile device where documents are typically hidden. But on my Mac, I’d rather it just opened documents like Preview rather than store them in a library where they’re soon lost. But Adobe’s reader is mostly for DRMed ebooks and they must need a library.

  2. Hi all,
    Please mention the details which are required to print epub file using adobe digital reader 2.0

  3. Hi Rohan,

    I’m sorry, but why would I want to print an ePUB? I have the PDF to print the book from. With an ePUB, there are no pages or anything like that. I’m afraid I do not understand your question. Could you rephrase it please?

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