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Web 2 Digital Bible: Glo from Zondervan — 7 Comments

  1. I purchased Bible Glo and entered the most frustratin computer program I have ever ever tried to use. I have been a very happy user of Zondervan NIV Study Bible for perhaps 10 years and was dissapointed that it was replaced by Bible Glo.I purchased it hoping to replace a wonderful discontinued program. One of my problems may be my M.S. and losing my ability to function well with navigating a very dificult program with no real help from Bible Glo. I have asked for siple directions but have been treated very curtly. I accidently found the most helpful info I have seen on another web site “Quick Verse 2010 and Bible Glo.” I would think that Bible Glo could give me better info than what I received there.
    It looks like I will have to experiment with that info for now.
    It is a shame that a program with so muh info does not have an uderstandable operating system with understandable operating instructions for someone like me. Can you point me to assistance or must I remove the program from my computer and look for one as easy to use as your discontinued program.
    Yours in Christ,
    Don Cooper

  2. Thanks for the comment. This is the reason I am using biblegateway.com
    I can’t find a program worth the money.

    Also I like to check out several versions when I’m setting up a teaching.

  3. I am waiting for someone to give me a hint on how to use Glo.
    Haven’t tried for several weeks and won’t try again until I find meaningful instructions.
    Isn’t there anyone who can help me?
    I haven’t removed the program from my computer yet, but will if I can’t find help.

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