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Why Mark Coker’s wrong about the iBooks Store — 2 Comments

  1. I suspect including iBooks with iOS 8, while it will certainly help, will be a game changer only if Apple includes, with each new iOS device they sell, a $10-20 coupon to get people started with the iBookstore. Otherwise, the app will just be lost in the newness of the device (for first-time buyers) or obscured by dozens of existing apps (for those who already have iOS devices.

    I doubt that genre you find missing will do any harm. Unfortunately, dozens of titles does not a genre make. Even thousands probably doesn’t given how much fiction is published today. You or someone you know who likes Christian epic fantasy might want to start of website that reviews and links to them.

    If you know someone at the iBookstore, you might suggest something to them. Allow authors to specify that certain of their titles are free to those with new Apple devices. Apple would introduce them to the iBookstore and authors could promote the first in their book series.

  2. I basically agree with you.

    As for Christian epic fiction: it’s in its infancy yet. I have a site which provides these reviews. http://radiqx.com And I have a friend in western Australia who does it also. It’s basically a brand-new genre.

    I don’t know anyone at Apple. Your idea sounds good though. Apple hasn’t seemed much interested in promoting the indies and self-publishers.

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