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Formatting basics: making a beautiful book which is comfortable to read — 6 Comments

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  2. I’m looking for an a-z down-loadable guide that covers all aspects of pagination with suggestions covering text versus dialog layout. I am close to completion of a 70,000 word novel, have extensive experience with cover design (books, magazines) but not much with text layout. I love the look of your site; got anything for me?

  3. My “Writing In InDesign” covers the basics in putting books together. It covers formatting for print and ebooks. What you seem to need is a good short course on typography and my book gives you that. As for specifics on handling dialog, that’s a stylistic issue which requires you to set up the formatting you need. Basically, you treat dialog as text with appropriate quotes. Beyond that, you get into personal style. There is no right or wrong that I know of. Does anyone else have better answers for dialog?

  4. Mr. Bergsland, Thank you. I’m familiar with typefaces and it doesn’t seem to me that that will be much of an issue. I have also spent, let’s see, 45 years around magazine publishing. I’m going to format with a person who can navigate through Adobe InDesign, which I cannot, but being “technical”, I can probably grasp enough to be a help, rather than a weight, before we begin (together on Team Viewer): tutorial on pagination with InDesign, anyone?

  5. Sorry, I just re-read your reply and realize you mentioned your book, “Writing in InDesign”. It sounds like what I need but I don’t see a link here, though I’m sure I’m missing it. Would like to know more. McDonnell

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