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  1. you can also get all those resources in one place instead of going to different sites. Bible study tools has all the versions you need, dictionaries, concordances including strongs, commentaries, greek and hebrew lexicons, and more. I like this the best because I take notes and tag verses. I also like using parallel bible and seeing a version side by side with another online resources.

  2. Thanks, Kristie,

    I agree, Bible Study Tools is excellent. For some reason, it seems overly complex and slow to use when I am writing. It’s almost certainly a flaw in me and my workflow. I just have a bookmark folder in Safari 5 that I open when I start writing and all five of the ones I mentioned (plus a couple more) just open up in five tabs and I can start writing.

    I use BST for the parallel bible, but I really need someplace that will let me set up 4 or five versions side by side. I haven’t found that yet.

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