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Is the rapture really going to happen? — 2 Comments

  1. I’m an amillennialist, so I feel you have it pretty much right except for the tribulation period.

  2. I’m not amillennialist—I tend to think that most of the prophecies will be literally fulfilled. I’m going to write on that in awhile.
    My thing on the tribulation is simple. There’s no definition for the tribulation. It seems to me as if the church has been in that since AD 40 or so. The great tribulation is radical stuff and we haven’t seen hardly any of that yet. I look at the four horsemen and say to my self, “Self! It sure looks like the white, red,and black horse have ridden—and a solid argument can be made that the pale horse is roaming around also.”
    We certainly haven’t reached the stage where the Lord has to cut it short so that we might survive. It’s an interesting question.

    How do you think Isaiah 24:5 fits into all of this? The Gulf of Mexico? Of course, the surrounding verses are much more extreme, but the Lord regularly fulfills part of a prophecy leaving the rest for later. For example, Isaiah 61:2a is fulfilled—2b is not yet.

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