The Training Place of Mankind Second EditionThe Training Place of Mankind shows you wonders you won’t expect if you’ve never read a readable book on creationism. This is not a scholarly book. It’s designed to be a fun, exciting read.

This one was great fun to write.
In it I was able to share my excitement upon learning how directly involved the Lord is with us and the rest of His creation. Indeed, we’re coming up on a time where the earth will probably be remodeled as much or more than it was during the Flood. It’s normally called the Second Coming—When Jesus comes back as King to rule during the millennium.

It’s available in print, ebook, and audio book

Here’s the description:

“End the confusion! God’s people have been sold a bill of goods. If you think about it at all, evolution could not be true. If this young earth is really billions of years old, then God is a liar. You know that isn’t true. This book tells the tale of God’s creation lovingly, by a man who only recently came to his senses. It had been obvious when he visited the Grand Canyon that this hadn’t happened over countless millennia. It had happened quickly with a massive flood of water. God made man. We didn’t come from apes.

The first two chapters of Genesis make excellent scientific sense when you understand how God did it and why He did it in the order it was done. It’s amazing how clear it is when a believer explains how it works. Join David on a glorious trip through the 7,000 years of creation. Yes, there is only one millennium left for this one. Then this training place is dissolved in fire and replaced with what God calls it a new creation. Rejoice in the glory of what He has done for us!”

The Training Place of Mankind shows you wonders

I can’t tell you how much fun it is when you realize that the Bible is literal history from the first verse in Genesis. It’s so much more exciting knowing this.

Here’s a couple reviews:

Here’s a quote from Michael Findley’s posting on Elk Jerky for the Soul.

The creation week: 4,000 B.C. might just be the best nine-page overview of the creation week available

“If you have never looked at an overview of God’s Word, or you know someone like this, this book is a must read. If you know someone who is curious about the Bible but has never read it, then this book is a must read for them.
It is both an easy, enjoyable read and introduces most major topics of the Word of God in a single book. Not to mislead anyone; this is neither a theology book nor a Bible Doctrines overview. More than half of this brief book is devoted to the book of Genesis, creation, the flood, the birth of civilization and the beginning of the Jewish nation.”

Kelsey Bryant said this:

This is a well-written, thought-provoking little book that packs in a lot of information. It’s an overview of history from the perspective of God’s Word, focusing on the eras that we know the least about: early history before Abraham, and the future that can only be deduced from Biblical prophecy. The author writes with a great respect and passion for the Bible and relates concrete information in a personal, conversational style. Something on almost every page stimulates you, making you think, for example, “I want to know more about that!” or, “God is so awesome!” The author cites all his sources so you can easily trace his explanations. He often quotes from creation scientists like Dr. Walter Brown and the staff of Answers in Genesis. He provides tons of evidence for Creation and the Flood. I may not have agreed with every conclusion (and the author says right off that you shouldn’t blindly accept all he says), but I believe this book expresses the truths that everyone should know, including “the glorious truth that creationism makes sense” (quote from book). This is a great read for anyone who wants to “participate” (and not get overwhelmed with complex scientific facts!) in a conversation about our origins and our future according to the Bible.

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