Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit

You’d never know in the church today that this is supposed to be the norm for believers

This is for people who are looking for more in their spiritual walk.

This is not meant to be nice, polite, feel-good teaching to tickle your ears. This is meant to slap you upside the head, get your attention, and let you know how much power is available for you to use in your daily walk with Jesus.

Walking in the Spirit is radical Christianity—allowing the presence of God to infuse your life. This book is written by a man who has known the Lord in this radical manner since 1974. To me the Christian walk is life & death.

You either do it or you fry

My goal is to help make sure you make it into the presence of God and that Jesus knows you when you drop your earth suit and head for the marriage supper of the Lamb. What could be worse (after spending your life going to church) than to have Jesus speak the words He warned of in Matthew 7? “I don’t know you.”

Book versions available

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