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This book will show you what we do, or teach you how to do it yourself

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We are accepting manuscripts for Christian books by Christian authors with Christian content. When the persecution arrives, they’ll be able to use your books as proof you are a Christian.

We are offering publishing services with a unique difference. We use all the normal self-publishing outlets, which results in you (as the author) receiving a much higher royalty. However, as with any publishing venture, there need to be strict rules and a contract. As this venture matures these policies and procedures may change for future contracts. Your contract will protect you from any of the inevitable changes that will appear in the future.

You need to know what is expected of you and what is expected of us. We will be supplying nearly fifty years of experience and thousands of dollars of labor. We fully accept that this is your baby, but it is a major investment on our end also. You will have no financial investment at all unless you choose to hire your own cover designer or editor.

If you want to produce your own book professionally, we have published Book Publishing With InDesign CCcovering through CC [2015].

The contract stipulates that Radiqx Press will be doing all production

This means that:

  • We do limited editing and proofing. But if you want editing to your own standards, you need to provide us with edited copy.
  • We design and produce the cover. If you have strong opinions about your cover, you may want to purchase one from someone else. We must approve the cover [for professionalism].
  • We design, layout, and format your book for the various outlets: print and ebook. The font choices, graphic production, and all the rest are our choice. The house fonts are all produced by the Hackberry Font Foundry.
  • If you want your cover design or graphics used, they will be submitted in a format and resolution that enables professional production, subject to our approval.
  • If you want a specific font which we do not own, you will need to provide us with a licensed copy of the font.
  • We hold veto power over any fonts, photos, or graphics which do not meet professional standards.

Any production pieces you wish to supply will be provided before the contract is signed and production begins.

April 1, 2016


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