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  1. Mr. Bergsland,

    Can you provide a referral for a Microsoft Word Theme/Style set consultant? We are an accounting firm trying to get a fresh look for our financial statements. We do governments – City, County, State so they documents are txt and number heavy. I noticed that there are finally office versions of Whitney, Gotham and some other fine Financial Statement fonts now available, and “fortunately” they are limited enough that creating some standardization is feasible. This project will move from the doc production to the branding end of things on the website and RFP production, etc. That is later.

  2. Mr. Bergsland,

    I have found a designer for the cover of my self-publishhed book but am having difficulty getting someone to design the interior within my limited budget. I don’t have decent equipment, mindset, or time for any learning curve, otherwise I would use one of the reasonably-priced templates available (though I’ve heard most of them don’t give as accurate spacing and kearning, for example, as InDesign, and thus don’t come off as professional in that regard). Reedsy has great vetted professionals but prices are at the high end. One designer I found who is reasonably-priced currently uses an Amazon plug-in. I’m not too sure how professional all of the internal text is with that. From my understanding, outside of Vellum, InDesign can’t be beat. I need the interior to look as professional as possible in the event that I generate more sales than I anticipate. Any recommendations or suggestions?

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