Book production typography links for ministries: I wanted to give you a few links to help you as you work on your books and materials for your company, non-profit, or ministry.

Book production typography links for ministries to help your books

This is one of the most important aspects of writing and communication. You need to understand it well.

Without excellent typography,
your readers (sheep) will ignore what you have to say

Worse yet, your trustworthiness is called into question

Some posts & pages about typography

Self publishers (ministries especially) need excellent typography Books are not entirely about words

“Of course as a writer this may not make much sense to you. But hear me out. For years I have taught graphic designers that the content is all that matters. This has been a major fight because many designers never read the copy they design into books. This is still true now that graphic designers are responsible for laying out Websites, blogs, ebooks, and more. In the publishing world there is a real disconnect between the writers and the book designers. They are treated as two entirely separate skill sets. Most designers are of little  help dealing with book design as a method of improving communication…” [for more]

Type is not typing: An explanation of why Office users need to pay attention.

Readability: An beginners level examination of the basic methods of improving readability

Basic formatting tips: This is the rough draft of a third portion of “The New Publisher” which will be a guide to ministers, ministries, and non-profits who need to get their vision out to their people. This new paradigm of the 21st century radically changes things. It gives us an opportunity we should not pass up. This book was never published but the content is included in Writing in InDesign (the 2nd and greatly expanded edition is due out the first half of 2012)

The reality of choosing fonts: What fonts do you have available to create excellent typography?

Ministering to the Illiterate

Setting up your computer to work with your book: Without an excellent framework for your book, the freedom to write well is hard to find.

What is a font? Part One

Using styles is key to typography

Setting up an InDesign default paragraph-character styles set


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  1. David, I’m faced with the e-book Small Cap challenge you talk about. Somewhere along the line, I believe, you provided the html coding to use small caps if the device supported it and uppercase if it did not. I’ve searched for that code, but cannot find it again. I’m battling to provide small caps for “the LORD” and A.D. Am I dreaming or did you post that at some point?

    Thanks, Rob

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