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Impatience guilt during transition can be tough — 2 Comments

  1. As someone who has a Ph.D. in philosophy and who has studied metaphysics for years professionally, I’m a bit curious, David. I also taught a course called The Meaning of Life for years at NYU. There are 3 so-called proofs for the existence of god and even Thomas Aquinas didn’t accept one of them. The other two have been shown fallacious for centuries. That leaves faith. Is that why you believe in god, and if so, how do you, with your seemingly unbounded confidence, justify the faith of Christianity (including Mormonism) versus the faith of those who believe in a different god. That is, how does one settle the dispute? No law or objective reality to settle it. Or am I missing something?

  2. Your posting reminded me of the ant infestation we had earlier this year in our kitchen. We have a marvelous poison called Maggie’s Ant Killer which comes in a squeezable tube. A couple drops on a piece of paper and within a few days, the ants have carried the poison back to the nest for the queen ant to eat.

    It seemed to me this year that the ants needed a slogan or something that would lure them. I put the poison on a 3″x5″ card and then wrote, “Ants, have you considered the sluggard, they get plenty of rest.” And so they went to rest.

    Ants are meant to work hard, sluggards are designed differently. God is the great designer. Do not fret, it will all happen.

    Consider the missionary who decides to leave the USA for a life in another country. What does he/she take?
    In Christ, Tom

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