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Ebooks have made a major leap in quality — 2 Comments

  1. David,

    Does this mean an InDesigner can complete a simple process to turn his files into an EPUB, or is it still a major transformation task?
    I am going to have to retrain myself in InDesign in a few months because I have basically forgotten most of it.
    Of particular importance pertaining to your trade paperback book, explain precisely how to set up pages and margins with headers and page numbers. I still do not know how I learned how to do it–unless you told me.

  2. it’s a reasonably simple process. All styls must be converted to fonts you have ebook licenses for. The entire book has to be converted to one long story. All graphic must be converted to above line anchored graphics.

    But if you set up the print book correctly, much of that has already been done.

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