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Review: Writing In InDesign Second Edition — 2 Comments

  1. I have the Kindle edition of the book and find it very helpful. I found a few mistakes, but I didn’t write them down — sorry. One thing I can note has to do with the Book panel. I took an on-line course from lynda.com on working with long documents in inDesign and they showed re-ordering the sections by highlighting and dragging the section into the correct order. It seem ed to work on the video anyway. I haven’t tried it yet — I don’t have the book all in yet.

    The section on typography that discusses the metrics of type was bery interesting to me. My mother worked for something like 35 years laying up advertising for a small paper in Southern Minnesota — the Jackson Livewire. I remember her putting type into “sticks” and inking and printing them to cut and paste into layouts. They used an offset printer, so it was then photographed for the press. I also remember going to the newspaper in town and watching the Linotype machine type up news stories. That was in the 1950s.

    Yah, I grew up in Southern Minnesota with some of those Scandahoviens … in fact I had an uncle who was Norwegian. But I still don’t appreciate winter, other than the clean look of fresh fallen snow.

    Thanks for thge book, I will make good use of it.

  2. I tried it a couple versions ago and it really messed everything up. It may well be fixed by now. I’ll check it out. Thanks.
    Is the Livewire still running?

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