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  1. Question – I have been searching about spiritual warefare in the church actually. You mentioned making sure you have the authority to pray over certain areas. I have been praying over our church I am an ordained elder and also the pastor’s wife because I have seen spiritual warefare against the ministry. One of the areas specifically is prayer – our church members do not want to come out and pray corporately. I have created a prayer manual with my husband asking me to do so and we have had corporate prayer for a month focusing on praying specifically each day and meeting at the end to pray on the last day. The congregants take the manuals but the Holy Spirit reveals to me they some are praying against the prayers in the manual – prayer against the body uniting and praying against the Holy Spirit truly having authority in this place.

    I think there are some old spirits there that resist me as my husband and I have been married 5 years and the church is 10 years old. So some of the women in the church are praying against (I feel) against the marriage and the things of GOD! I am a prayer warrior and have been prior to this ministry and constantly pray and have seen some things moved and been dealt with. Do I have that authority is what I’m asking. I have been praying for my husband that he would be cognizant! Thanks for the article I will be praying that he sees and recognize the spiritual warefare and began to pray against it as well.

    Blessings, Paula

  2. You’ve got a big job. I’m not sure how this applies to you, but it seems as if we need to pray that the Lord will raise up some prayer warriors to support you and your husband. The attacks on the spiritual leadership of any church are amazingly intense. The enemy knows that if he can damage the leadership the whole congregation is in trouble. Jesus, I ask in your name that you raise up a warrior band of intercessors to support Paula and her husband in their ministry. Break through the attacks of the enemy and bring victory. Father, I ask that you give them clear vision of their mission and wisdom about the attacks coming against them. Again, I ask these things in Jesus’ name. Amen

  3. I am a consultant and recently I was made aware that the firm I associate with has its leadership using occult powers. They pause as Godly but I always sensed some force that was around them that intimidated staff and just broke everyone’s spirit to work. Whenever we are out on assignment I always get attacks of running stomachs, headaches or constipation (no toilet for even one week). I get disjointed thoughts and lose concentration. This I know is not of God. Recently I have started praying against their manipulation and I am experiencing release and empowerment day by day. How do I pray to break their evil schemes because their intention is to subdue brilliant people to remain working under them (as they use our talent to enrich themselves) and never fulfill destiny. I work from my house but regularly go to their offices for assignments and briefings.

    I would like to break away from them and start my own business but they openly oppose this. My husband (a non-believer) is in the same field of consultancy but we are not able to agree on the simplest of things and yet the potential we have is huge.

    Thank you for your help. God Bless you.

  4. Ask the Lord to protect you. Bind the demons sent to attack you and forbid them to attack you or your husband (or your children or pets if you have any). Ask the Holy spirit to give you favor. Then comes the hard part. Trust him. He promised so stand on his promise. He will hear your prayer. You be Godly and let the Lord cover the rest. He protected Daniel in the lion’s den and the three young men in the fiery furnace. He can surely protect you.

  5. I work in the post secondary education system, and the company I work for is very crooked in how they deal with employees. Additionally, some of the employees are crooked with how they deal with students but they seem to be overlooked and get away with it. Since July almost every week a person loses their job, this monday that just pass 3 people were fired. I am the youngest of my department and there’s another woman and she has consistently and deliberately found ways to sabotage me or affect my work. I have lost a lot of sleep and weight over this. Are there any additional strategic prayer paths to pray, that you could suggest?

  6. I worked for several companies like you are describing. Here would be my basic plan of attack—modified by what the Lord tells you to do. First, any area in the company for which you are responsible you have the spiritual authority to control. In my case at the large community college I taught at in Albuquerque, this was my lab where I taught all my classes. So, you can clean up those areas, stop the enemy’s attacks within that area, and bind any demons who try to ride into that area to cause you trouble. Second, pray for the Lord’s favor with your supervisors. Pray for the salvation and blessing of those in authority over you. Third, hove no part in the darkness. As much as possible stay away from it and refuse to participate in any sin. Ask the Lord for a safe place to work. Seek the face of the Lord about whether or not you should be looking for work elsewhere. You may be the only speck of light in the company and He plans to use you within it. On the other hand, if it is a time a trial for you, you want the Lord to let you know as soon as it is all right for you to leave.

  7. Hi there, if I get permission from my supervisor who is in charge of our branch to pray and cleanse, would that mean that I would have authority to pray and cleanse?

  8. A couple of things: I am a pastor and I work full time. Initially I was hired by a woman who retired shortly afterwards. She hired an individual who never had a higher position as this. This woman has a personality disorder and the board is unaware of. Of course they love her because she changes furniture around but is not a good communicator at all. As managers we are suppose to work together, she is moody and act as though she literally hate me. Very controlling since she has been here I no longer have any authority. I have more education and experience in the work force than she does. She was working here at night quiet her day job. Complaining God was going to work it out. The lady whose position she now holds, retired and just gave her the job. She was a Christian so she reported but constantly use profanity. I never know what mood she is going to be in. There are days she is ok other days I try to stay out of her site. I pray and ask God to fight my battle for me most days. I do believe she has some type of demonic influence and jealoucy

  9. Hi Pastor Jewell,

    The problem is not her, it is you and how you are going to act and react to her presence. If you are a called pastor, Jesus will fight your fights for you. You are to love her, pray for her, and focus on what God wants you to do in your ministry. If you are doing what he wants you to be doing he will take care of her and all the rest of it. Just make sure you are hearing God clearly. Do what ever it takes to get as close as possible to Jesus. God provides the authority needed when you are responsible to do the tasks he has called you to do. Paul told us in Romans 13 that all authority comes from God. You be obedient to his call and He will work it all out.

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