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Are you sure God wants to heal you? Gal 4:12-15 — 2 Comments

  1. I agree with you that sometimes God allows trials, tribulations, and suffering to go on in our lives. There are many and varied reasons why. Sometimes we personally need to learn something. But I also think that God allows these things to either allow us to do good or to not do good. How often are there people suffering in our own churches that we do not help because we are too busy or we may not have the means necessary to help. We may know others who do have the means necessary, but they will not help. Do we say something? IF the pastor is ignorant of the suffering do we speak up? IN Galatians 6 we are told to bear one another’s burdens. I don’t see that happening very much.

  2. Excellent comment! Thanks for your response. The Galatians 6 comment is even more complex: because often no one helps bear another’s burdens, but they DO get involved by interfering when people should be carrying their own load. It calls for discernment.

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