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  1. Wow, read your posts quickly. I could have written them myself..especially the Exodus referral. That is what got me started on this particular journey..I was teaching on the Tabernacle one week and those verses jumped out and bit me.
    Print on demand.. well, Morgan and I have discussed this and we are leaning towards possibly this is where it could be heading. We
    are not really sure yet.. We know this is the niche God has called us here for today, in this time and hour..We will see how it all plays out. We are finding that when somebody wants something published, they will find a way to pay for it. One thing we have learned is that God is not cheap.. I don’t know where we as believers got to thinking that we have to have a poverty mind set but we hopefully are changing that. Afterall, we are royalty. God has gifted us to display His beauty and more.
    A workman is worthy of his hire, therefore we do our very best also.

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